You may be the proud owner of an air conditioner in your home but you might not really understand the way it operates. This is particularly true when it comes to receiving the savings on energy. Don’t worry, though, as the majority of owners are not aware of the functioning as well as the overall operational details of their AC systems.
So, what’s all that fuss about split air conditioning systems which seem to be so popular right now? Well, this is a unit which would depend on the overall amount of space that’s available in your home. It needs more space than a packaged air conditioner. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider it, though. Think it over and see what works for your home.

What’s the structure?

The structure of your house needs to be rather examined when you choose the proper air conditioning unit. The most common choice for the majority of homeowners would be the split system. There are two main categories, actually: split and packaged ones. So, your choice would be particularly limited to each one of those. They both have a similar way of operation as they use refrigerant expansion which cools the coils quickly and this cools off the air consequently.

What’s the set up?

There is a rather significant difference when it comes to setting up split and packaged air conditioning systems. The difference is actually based on the precise set up of every single system. If the engine has to be placed in the front of your vehicle, for instance, it would be a front-engine vehicle. If it has to be on the back – it would be a rear engine one. This analogy is pretty precise.
The split air conditioning system contains two detached units – the evaporative coil as well as the condensing unit. This is how it receives its actual name. The split unit, on the other hand, is actually joined by a series of copper tubing. This would transport the refrigerant from the evaporative coils to the condensing unit. Now, if you manage to notice two different parts on the conditioner, you obviously have a split air conditioner. The condensing unit would be on the outside while the other component – the evaporative coils – they are usually laced.
If you have an air conditioner which has one part of it being the duct work on the roof, then you actually have a packaged air conditioning system. There are quite a few different specifications that you would have to conveniently consider in order to make sure that everything is handled properly. With this in mind, it would be of tremendous benefit for you to make sure that you get the help of a professional that would make the necessary measurements and get everything done properly. The HVAC professional in Bowmanville will help you make the right choice.