The heater is not the first thing that you would cosmetically pay attention to when you walk into a home but it’s particularly important and it’s one of the most critical components of your entire home, especially when winter comes.
So, with this in mind, maybe you’ve already decided that your cooling and heating system might actually need an upgrade but you are not aware of whether you should use a gas furnace or a heat pump. This is something that you really ought to account for when it comes to it. Let’s have a look at a few questions that you might need to answer before making a decision of the kind.

Will your house support gas appliances?

A lot of the brand new homes on the market are actually built to be used only with electricity. If there is no gas pipe connecting you to the company or an underground gas tank, you wouldn’t want to buy a furnace which runs on gas. It would simply fail to work. So, the most important check here is to make sure that you can rely on gas. If you can – then you can even consider it.

Do you live in a colder or a tropical area?

The northern states of our country heavily rely on gas because it’s usually considered to be the most efficient way to heat up a home throughout the heavy winters. On the other hand, if you live in a climate which is warmer where it doesn’t really snow that often, you might want to use a heat pump to maintain the entire home’s temperature. Heat pumps also have reverse cycles so you can use them to cool off the property as well. You would be able to save off a significant proportion of your money.

What’s the difference?

Well, a heat pump would suck out the heat from the air outside and transfer it inside and vice-versa, depending on whether you want to cool off your property or you want to heat it up. The gas furnace, on the other hand, would rely on a fire to heat up all the ducts and, hence, the entire home. With this in mind, it’s also important to understand that with a heat pump, you rely only on electricity and there is absolutely no flame or any other type of combustion.
Typically, if you live in an area where it would be appropriate to use a heat pump, it would be a smart idea. If the area gets too cold during the winter, though, the heat pump might fail to get any heat and transfer it towards the inside. Thus, you will need to consider your requirements and then look at your budget. That will help you see what will be a better option for your home. Additionally, with plenty of companies available to assist you, it might be a better option to ensure that you work with an experienced HVAC service in Innisfil.