It goes without saying that one the first decisions that you would have to go through when it comes to furnishing your home or business, would be to determine whether you would use gas or electricity. Now, the things that people are usually concerned with the most in these instances are the upfront costs as well as the long-term expenses in both scenarios. Let’s have a look.

Up-Front Costs

This is the money you’d have to consider when it comes to the initial installation of the heating component of the entire HVAC system. The first thing that you would have to take a look at is whether or not there’s access to natural gas and electricity. A lot of homes have both options which are already running through the house. However, there are locations which won’t provide you with access to natural gas. In these cases, you would have to run a gas line to this location and this could be a rather significant additional cost.
To put it in a nutshell and simplify things substantially, you are looking at about $900 for installation of a gas furnace and about $700 if you wanted to have your electric installment. This is something worth considering. However, the long-term operational costs are far more important as that’s what you’d have to pay for every single month.

Long-Term Costs

These are the costs associated with maintenance as well as the actual cost of electricity and of natural gas. When it comes to maintenance, electric options are easier to maintain. This is also why an electric system is likely to last for a lot longer.
A lot of people tend to believe that the main difference when it comes to it is that the cost of electricity is generally higher than the cost of natural gas. This might be true for certain locations but there are a lot of different cities in which the electricity is actually the cheaper resource. So, you need to make sure that you calculate the energy use of both systems as those who run on gas might require a lot less of it than the electricity consumed by electricity systems. This, combined with the generally lower prices at certain locations might turn out to be more cost-effective throughout a longer period of time.
There are a few things, as you can see, that you have to consider but it’s important that those are conveniently addressed in advance in order to make an educated and proper decision. This is important and you need to make sure that it’s taken care of properly. It’s one of the things which would have a substantial impact on your future expenses. That is why it is important that you contact a good HVAC contractor in Bradford for your heating and air conditioning requirements. They will be able to assist you with your requirements.