When looking for a new cooling or heating system, many homeowners do a great deal of research when it comes to the equipment itself. But researching the company that will do the actual installation is just as important. The Bradford HVAC or furnace repair contractor you choose can have a large impact on the system you install as a proper installation is just as important as the machinery itself.

Make sure you take just as much care in interviewing the potential installer as you do when shopping your system. The performance of your new system is reliant on proper installation. If an installation is done shoddily or improperly, your equipment may suffer in efficiency and effectiveness. It may even render an energy efficient system not as efficient as it should be.

Ask For A List Of Qualified Installers From Manufacturer

Your installer must follow manufacturer instructions impeccably. If you have already chosen your system, the manufacturer will have a list of contractors that are qualified to install their products. These installers will have the training and education necessary to install that brand of system. They will also have training in repair, maintenance, and appropriate customer care. The correct manufacturer training ensures that the brand is supported by a qualified Bradford HVAC contractor.

Qualities To Look For

Experience and education are important. Not all HVAC or furnace repair contractors in Bradford are created equal. Those who have NATE Certification training (North American Technician Excellence) have exhibited the skill and knowledge to professionally and properly install heating and cooling systems. They have undergone rigorous exams and are required to keep updated on current practices in order to keep abreast of new technology and practices.

Interview Potential Installers

Questions you should ask of every contractor you are considering should be fully and confidently answered and verified, if appropriate.


● If they are licensed and insured — if they are not, you do not want them working on your system or in your home
● How much experience they have — the more experience, the greater comfort level you can have about hiring them
● What warranties and guarantees they offer — a qualified contractor will know the terms of the manufacturer warranties and will most often also offer their own guarantee of service. They should fully disclose any refund policy.
● For a list of local references — make sure you call these references and ask questions about their experience with the contractor. Trust your instincts to make sure you are getting truthful answers. If the contractor can’t supply references, this should be a red flag.

Get A Full Written Estimate

A full written estimate should be complete with cost of equipment, labor, taxes, and estimate of the time it will take. Get estimates from a few contractors so you are able to see any inconsistencies from one to another.

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