If you are in the market for a new furnace, you may be overwhelmed by all the manufacturers and choices. You probably are also faced with a decision between single stage or two stage furnaces. If you are confused about the difference and want to make an educated decision about which is best for your needs, your HVAC expert in Bowmanville is here to clear things up.

Not all furnaces are created equally. Differences can be multiple and there are benefits and drawbacks to each as well. Consider your personal lifestyle and needs and the following information.

A single stage furnace refers to a valve that controls the burner inside the furnace. This valve’s one “stage” is open. This allows fuel to freely travel to the pilot to ignite. The heat that is generated in the burner will heat the exchanger where the air is actually heated. So, for a single stage furnace, you either have an open valve, which is on, or a closed one, which is off. Your heat is actually on or off with no variations.

A two stage furnace provides for other variables aside from on or off. There is the full open position, like that of the single stage, but then there are variations in the way of partially open positions. The two stage furnace uses a distinctive programming system that can better regulate how your home is heated. A full heat setting can be applied when the system is first turned on to alleviate the more intense cold. A partial position will only offer 60 to 65% the power that a full open position offers. This is based on your thermostat and how often your system turns on to effectively bring your home to temperature.

Bowmanville furnace repair experts believe that because the two stage system offers more variables than a single stage, it can be more advantageous on a few fronts.

Energy Efficiency

A two stage system can be more energy efficient simply because it can run at a scaled back position. This means it will utilize less fuel than a single stage system which will continue on high until the home’s temperature has been met.

Air Filtration

A two stage furnace will tend to run more consistently in the partially open position which will allow for more circulation through the filter. This means that more allergens and pollutants in the air will be trapped by the filter.

Operates More Quietly

A two stage furnace is much quieter than a single stage and, because of consistency, it will start and stop more infrequently.

More Balanced Heating

A two stage furnace, again, because of its consistency, will tend to give off a more balanced heat production instead of the drastic temperatures that occur with the blast on and off of a single stage furnace. Two stage furnaces more consistently keep a subtle temperature range.

Although a two stage furnace has certain benefits over a single stage one, its main drawback is price. A two stage furnace can cost substantially more. But considering the energy efficiency of the two stage furnace, it may pay for itself in cost savings over time.

If you need more questions answered or would like a cost comparison done between the two systems, call the Bowmanville furnace repair experts at Quality Heating & Air Conditioning. We have served the Bowmanville area and the GTA for years with professional HVAC service and installation.