Summer will soon be winding down and we turn our thoughts to fall and cooler temperatures. When the time comes to switch over to your furnace from your air conditioner, it is important to take a few steps to winterize the outdoor unit to protect it from the cold weather, snow, and ice. Proper winterizing will also protect it from any rust damage. Your cooling system is one of your most costly investments in your home so it makes sense to take care of it with a few simple maintenance measures in order to keep it in top working condition. These tips from an AC repair specialist in Innisfil can help you protect your investment from the winter elements.

Turn Off Your Unit

To ensure that your AC does not turn on during warmer winter days, make sure you have switched off the circuit breaker to the outside unit. On warmer days, this keeps water out of the unit that may potentially freeze when the air turns colder.

Clean The Unit

With a simple garden hose, spray the unit to remove dirt and debris. Make sure to remove any leaves, branches, or grass clippings from around the unit. Your Innisfil air conditioner repair professional suggests that all vegetation be at least 2 feet from your outdoor unit. After washing, allow your unit to dry thoroughly.

Insulate Exposed Pipes

Install foam pipe covers around exterior exposed pipes in order to insulate them from harsh winter temperatures. Make sure to secure the covers with tape so they don’t fall off. This will protect them from freezing during cold temperatures.

Cover The Unit

Cover your outside unit with a waterproof cover. There are covers specifically made for AC units or you can fashion your own. But don’t trap water inside as this may have the potential to freeze. You should secure this cover so it does not blow away in harsh winds. Check your cover weekly to make sure it is secure and make sure to remove debris, snow, and ice from the unit.

When you need advice about your heating or cooling systems, call the AC repair professionals that most people in Innisfil turn to, Quality Heating & Air Conditioning. We have been servicing the Innisfil community and GTA with expert air conditioner repair advice for years. Call us today if you have any questions about preparing your outside AC unit for the upcoming winter weather.