Wait! Winter is over and we finally don’t have to worry about cold weather, right? But this may be the perfect time to prepare your furnace for next season. The last thing we want are HVAC and furnace repairs in Bradford when the weather is cold. Better to get a thorough check-up and conduct maintenance when we aren’t likely to get stuck in the bitter cold during a breakdown. Prepare now and you won’t have to worry later. Don’t worry. Just because you’re maintaining your furnace, it shouldn’t mess up your summer!

Change Your Filter!

Your furnace has been working hard all winter. Even if you’ve been changing your filter  each month, it is a perfect time to do it now at the end of the season. A clogged filter can always run the risk of building up carbon monoxide. Reduced airflow from a clogged furnace filter can cause carbon monoxide fumes to back up into the home, especially in older furnaces. Don’t run this very dangerous safety risk. And if you have central AC, your ductwork is the same and will use the same filter.

Maintenance to Mitigate Furnace Repairs in Bradford

As a furnace ages, it may develop issues that are not readily detectable to the homeowner. End of season maintenance can detect cracks that can lead to a carbon monoxide leak. A quick maintenance check by an experienced HVAC technician in Bradford will be able to detect any furnace issues that may be needed such as burners, heat exchangers, motors, or pilot light issues. Having an end of season maintenance review will help to decrease the possibility of a furnace repair or HVAC repair in Bradford during the colder winter months.

Is is Time to Replace Your Furnace?

At the end of the winter season, it helps to look back at how well your furnace performed and do a cost analysis for the future. If your furnace is getting old, it may not be running at full efficiency. Most furnaces last approximately 15 to 20 years, but once they begin to get older, they are most often wasting a great deal of fuel. Furnaces that are approaching the end of their lifespan may only be working at about 60% efficiency. During the warmer months, you may want to consider replacing your furnace. With new, energy efficient models, fuel bills will decrease and HVAC and furnace repairs in Bradford will no longer be a problem.

When you have done your end of season maintenance, you can feel confident that you will be warm and toasty during the following season’s winter months without costly furnace and HVAC repairs in Bradford.