Summer is around the corner. Don’t get caught without air conditioning on a hot summer day. Before temperature soar, be proactive. Look for these signs that may indicate an AC repair is in your future in Bowmanville.

#1. Your cooling bills are out of control.

Your AC doesn’t seem to need repair. It is cooling your home sufficiently, But your first summer energy bill is astronomical. Chances are, even though you are still getting cool air, your system is working harder than necessary. A large spike in cooling costs is a sure sign that there may be something wrong. Call for an AC repair specialist to look over your system.

#2. There are strange sounds coming from your system.

Suddenly you hear it. Screeching or grinding sounds are coming from your system. These sounds can indicate a problem in the making, or one that has already happened. It could be minor now but lead to a major repair in the future. Don’t take a chance. Call for an air conditioner repair expert in Bowmanville to take a look.

#3. And how about those strange smells?

Odd smells coming from your AC system can mean a variety of things. A metallic or burning smell can indicate wiring or insulation that has been burnt through. Musty smells can indicate mold growth. Neither are good. Don’t wait. Call your local air conditioner repair company in Bowmanville now.

#4. Moisture is coming from your system.

Yes, your air conditioner is designed to deal with a bit of condensation. But no, you should not be seeing pooling water. From simple condensation from a drainline to leaking coolant, pooling water from your system is not normal. Call an AC repair expert immediately since coolant leaks can be toxic.

#5. No cold air.

Have you been adjusting your thermostat and still…nothing? This may seem elementary, but often homeowners wait until this happens. If you aren’t getting cold air, you could just have a problem with the coolant levels or a blower fan. Don’t get caught. Call your AC repair experts in Bowmanville so you won’t be left without cold air on a hot summer day.

The majority of air conditioner repairs are relatively simple, but homeowners worry about large wills and avoid making repair calls. Don’t wait. An AC repair when the issue is minor will be much less expensive than waiting until it turns into something large.

Before summer temperatures spike, call for a maintenance check up. The best way to head off an air conditioner breakdown is to have regular preventive maintenance done by a professional. Don’t wait until you are faced with a hot summer day with no air conditioning.