There are many different AC systems in existence but it’s true that one of them is overly preferred by both homeowners and business owners as well. This is the split-system, which is characterized by one indoors and one outdoors unit. The indoors one, which is essentially the one that the majority of people tend to prioritize is the one responsible for the handling of the air. The outdoor unit is the one, which has the condenser unit in it.

Now, the important thing that you need to take into account is that cooling is not something, which can be produced. This is actually a process during which the heat is actively removed through the usage of a specific chemical blend. This is called a refrigerant – it is designated to absorb the heat from your home.

You should also keep in mind that the outdoor unit has a very special place, which is always heated. This is the part where the heat is “collected” and dissipated into thin air. This is where the compressor is and the condenser.

The condenser could lead to a serious malfunction

Now, the condenser unit is one, which could essentially lead to a very serious issue and it could attribute to breaking down your entire AC. However, many people are wondering whether or not they can actually replace the condenser unit as it breaks down. Fortunately, for you – yes, you can. In addition, there are quite a lot of technicians who would actually do it. The problem, however, is within the fact that this doesn’t necessarily solve the problem when it comes to the long run. Your entire system is likely to suffer in result, as you will have parts on it, which are essentially mismatched.

Replacing the condenser could cost you more

That’s just it – replacing solely the condenser in certain situations might actually cost you quite a lot more. With this in mind, there are a few criteria that you can actively look out for and if you find yourself in any of them, you might consider replacing the entire thing.

·         Your machine is 10-15 years or older

·         You seem to be doing repairs quite often

·         Repairs are going to cost 50% or more than the new unit

If that’s the case, you should most certainly consider getting a new system than wasting your money looking for repairs. You should also consider a consultation with a professional but this is something that you should take into account. It’s better to make sure that you invest a bit more but end up with a particularly effective solution than to cheap out and end up spending a lot more after a few days. Thus, you need to assess your situation and see what works best for you. If it is about replacement then that works well. But if you need to get it repaired, talk with the best HVAC technician in the city.